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Avatar Interview Contest!
Mon May 03, 2010 3:11 am by Oneiros
Participate in the Proust Avatar Interview contest and, aside from letting us know what a wonderful character you have created, you can win the price of an artistic depiction! This contest is continuous and has no ending date- any and all good posts receive the prize!

Interested? Check it out here!

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Come By And Introduce Yourselves
Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:00 pm by Oneiros
A new introduction thread has been started by Maus Merryjest. Come and introduce yourselves, or re-acquaint yourselves. The thread is here!

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Setting Information Posted!
Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:21 am by Oneiros
Greetings, Dreamers and Players:

The Setting Information for the City Of Alef has been posted. More posts will come soon to give you more of an idea as to our setting!

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 The Rules Of The Forum

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PostSubject: The Rules Of The Forum   Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:58 pm


In this universe, you are either a refugee Psychedelic Avatar or a newcomer. There is no essential difference between the two categories, except for character history.
If you were not a part of the Master Zen Dao Meow forum, you may not claim the status of a Psychedelic Avatar.

As avatars, you may interact with other characters or join them in adventures. The manner in which this occurs is in threaded posts in the appropriate roleplay forums:

Your avatars post their dialogue or actions one after the other in a series of posts. Each thread is considered to be its own independent entity that can have its own world- but all dimensions and worlds are, in a way, connected to The Port.

All actions are determined by the Storyteller- the creator of the thread. The Storyteller is responsible for moderating the interactions of all those who take part of his dimension.


So that you may participate in the other boards of this forum, you must first register your character.

If you are a newcomer: At first you will only be allowed to enter the Visitor Square. To be allowed entry into the other forums you must first post a minimum of 25 posts of substance.
If you are a Dreamer: If you were once an Avatar in the Napping Cat's Dream, post the details of your character profile. You'll need 15 posts of substance in the Visitor Square (after all, you are still a newcomer to this particular world) and you will be allowed access to the rest of the forum.

Character Restrictons

You may not have a character based on copyrighted characters or species from existing works- i.e. you may not be a Jedi Knight, a Na'Vi, or a SwatKat. Only original avatars will be admitted. The only exception concerning copyrighted material is when you are the owner of said material (and can prove it.) You may also choose to play characters with similar personalities or looks to copyrighted characters, but you may not use their actual names or their trademarked appearances.

Doing versus Attempting

When roleplaying, all major actions that will alter the flow of the narrative, such as attacks, spell use, etc. must be described as ATTEMPTS whose outcomes will be determined by the Storyteller.
You cannot do this: "Gnormalf The Underwhelming splits open Kavak's head with his axe!"
You can do this: "Gnormalf The Underwhelming swings his ax and attempts to hit Kavak square in the head."
Once you have posted your attempt, the Storyteller will decide whether or not it is successful.


Hostilities and fights between avatars are fine- after all, this is a role-playing environment, but always remember that your avatar is fighting with the other player's avatar, and it is not actually a real confrontation between players. Do not use Private Messages (PMs) as a continuation of hostilities. Using the PM system to harass other players will result in banishment by the Overseer.

What is not allowed

Please refrain from engaging in excessive profanity or graphic sex talk
We do not tolerate spam
Pornography is not tolerated
Do not post works of art made by others and claim yourself as the artist.
Use paragraphs and punctuation, please: No unending walls of text!
No ALL CAPS for entire thread titles or excessive exclamation points.
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The Rules Of The Forum
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